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Course Books

Wireless Networking in the Developing World (New!)
Radio Laboratory Handbook (2004 - Antennas)

Tentative Timetable

Updated: February 24th, 2006 (at 00:50)

All lectures and lab sessions will take place in the ARPL Laboratory, ground floor of ICTP Galileo Guest House.
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First Week (6—11 Feb. 2006):

Monday, 6 Feb. 2006: Opening

09:00—12:00Registration and administrative matters
Galileo Guest House- second floor ("meeting room")
12:00—14:00lunch break
14:00—14:15Opening Ceremony
14:15—15:00Eight years of School on Wireless Networking
(lecture notes: PDF-2.5MB and HTML-4MB)
Sandro M. Radicella (ICTP-ARPL, Italy)
15:00—15:452006 School on Wireless Networking for Development
(PDF-576KB and HTML-2MB)
Ryszard Struzak (ITU, Switzerland, ret.)
15:45—16:00Introduction to Laboratory, Safety and Wiki
(PDF-1.6MB and HTML-1.4MB)
Marco Zennaro and Carlo Fonda (ICTP-ARPL, Italy)
16:30—17:00Introduction to the ICTP computer system
Johannes Grassberger (ICTP-SCS, Italy)

Tuesday, 7 Feb. 2006: Introduction

9:00—10:00"dB Units and Calculations"
(PDF-184KB and HTML-1.6MB)
10:20—11:20"Interference and co-existence"
(PDF-500KB and HTML-2.7MB)
11:20—11:50"Introduction to Open Source"
(PDF-524KB and HTML-1.5MB)
11:50—12:20"Introduction to Ubuntu Linux"
(HTML-160KB and ZIP-145KB)
Tomas Krag (, Denmark)
12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—16:00LAB: "Introduction to Laboratory equipment"
16:30—18:30LAB: "Intro to Linux and Linux Installation"
19:30Get-together party (Main Building Cafeteria)

Wednesday, 8 Feb. 2006: Basics of e.m.

9:00—10:00"Radiocommunication Channel and Digital Modulation: Basics"
(PDF-804KB and HTML-4MB)
10:20—11:20"Radiocommunication Channel and Digital Modulation: Basics"
(PDF-804KB and HTML-4MB)
11:20—12:20"Comparative Use of Unlicensed Radio Spectrum"
(HTML-960KB and ZIP-412KB)
Rob Flickenger (Metrix, USA) (video)
12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—16:00LAB: "E.M. Measurements"
16:30—18:30LAB: "E.M. Measurements"

Thursday, 9 Feb. 2006 WiFi hardware

9:00—10:00"WiFi Overview"
10:20—11:20"WiFi networking architecture"
(HTML-1MB and ZIP-484KB)
R.Flickenger (video)
11:20—12:20"WiFi Hardware examples"
12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—16:00LAB: "WiFi Hardware Setup"
16:30—18:30LAB: "WiFi Hardware Setup"

Friday, 10 Feb. 2006: E.M. Spectrum - Wireless Networks

9:00—10:00"Spectrum Management and Regulatory Issues"
(PDF-468KB and HTML-4.9MB)
10:20—11:20"WiFi channel management"
(HTML-956KB and ZIP-580KB)
11:20—12:20"Network monitoring and management in Linux"
T.Krag (video)
12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—16:00LAB: "WiFi Networks Setup"
16:30—18:30LAB: "WiFi Networks Setup"

Second week (13—18 Feb. 2006):

Monday, 13 Feb. 2006: Antennas

9:00—10:00"Basic Antenna Theory"
R.Struzak (video)
10:20—11:20"Basic Antenna Theory"
11:20—12:20"DIY WiFi Antennas"
(HTML-2.4MB and ZIP-2.1MB)
R.Flickenger (video)
12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—16:00LAB: "Antenna Building"
16:30—18:30LAB: "Measurements on Antennas"

Tuesday, 14 Feb. 2006: Long distance links

9:00—10:00"Radiopropagation basics"
(PDF-3MB and HTML-6.8MB)
R.Struzak (video)
10:20—11:20"Link Budget calculation"
M.Zennaro (video)
11:20—12:20"Software for Wireless Link Design: Radio Mobile"
Ermanno Pietrosemoli (ULA-EsLaRed, Venezuela) (video)
12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—16:00LAB: "Simulation of long distance links with software"
16:30—18:30LAB: "Planning and preparation of outdoor activities"

Wednesday, 15 Feb. 2006: Field activites

9:00—12:30"Long distance links implementation"
(outdoor activity)
12:30—14:00lunch break
14:00—16:00LAB: "Review of the morning activities"
16:30—18:30LAB: "Review of the morning activities"

Thursday, 16 Feb. 2006: Design and setup of a "Wireless Site"

9:00—10:00"Site Survey and Antenna Mounting Considerations"
E.Pietrosemoli (video)
10:20—11:20"Powering Issues"
E.Pietrosemoli (video)
11:20—12:20"Community Network Installations"
(HTML-16.1MB and ZIP-15.5MB)
R.Flickenger (video)
12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—15:00LAB: "Tower mounting"
15:00—16:00LAB: "Setup of a Wireless site"
16:30—17:30LAB: "Powering a Wireless site"
17:30—18:30"Wireless for Rural Development"
(HTML-500Kb and ZIP-400Kb)
T.Krag (video)

Friday, 17 Feb. 2006: Security

9:00—10:00"WiFi Security"
(see following lecture for lecture notes)
R.Flickenger (video)
10:20—11:20"WiFi Security (continued)"
(HTML-4.2MB and ZIP-3.4MB)
11:20—12:20"Security tools"
(see previous lecture for lecture notes)
12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—15:00"Introduction to Mesh Networks"
(PDF-1.1MB and OOo-2.5MB)
T.Krag (video)
15:00—16:00LAB: "Exercises with Mesh Networks and Security"
16:30—18:30LAB: "Exercises with Mesh Networks and Security"

Third week (20—25 Feb. 2006):

Monday, 20 Feb. 2006: Economic planning

9:00—10:00"Frontiers of Radiocommunications and ICT Public Policies for Development"
presented by R.Struzak
Original lecture notes by William Luther (FCC, USA):
  • Frontiers of Radiocommunications (PDF-668KB)
  • ICT Impact on Developing Countries (PDF-888KB)
  • ICT Public Policies for Development (PDF-48KB)
  • Six Principles of Spectrum Management (PDF-76KB)
  • UltraWide Bandwidth Communications (PDF-859KB)
  • ICT Development Policies (PDF-84KB)
  • Regulatory Best Practices (PDF-52KB)
10:20—12:20"Economic Planning"
Giovanni Repici (Telecom Italia, Italy, ret.)


12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—16:00LAB: "Exercises with outdoor nodes, mesh and security"
16:30—18:30LAB: "Exercises with outdoor nodes, mesh and security"

Tuesday, 21 Feb. 2006: advanced topics

9:00—9:30"Indoor radio coverage measurement"
(PDF-1.5MB and HTML-2.5MB)
R.Struzak (video)
Additional documentation:
9:30—10:00"Software for antenna design"
M.Zennaro (video)
10:20—12:20"Voice over IP"
(PDF-372KB and HTML-1.6MB)
Stephen Okay (Inveneo, USA) (video)
12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—16:00LAB: "Exercises on VoIP"
16:30—18:30LAB: "Preparation of outdoor activities - Competition"

Wednesday, 22 Feb. 2006: Outdoor activities - Competition

9:00—13:30"Link GGH-Muggia - Outdoor activity"
13:30—15:00lunch break
15:00—16:00LAB: "Review of the outdoor activities and competition"
16:30—18:30Setup and demo of the INVENEO prototype system

Thursday, 23 Feb. 2006: Broadband technologies

9:00—10:00Free time for administrative matters
(PDF-2.7MB and HTML-5.3MB)
Clemens H. Cap (Univ. of Rostock, Germany) (video to be added)
12:20—14:00lunch break
14:00—14:30Opening of the "Round Table on 'North-South and South-South Cooperation in ICT for Development'"
Kastler Lecture Hall, AGH
14:30—18:00Presentations of Case studies
Kastler Lecture Hall, AGH
  • "ICT in Healtcare: Computer network applications in an Healtcare Institution in India" (PDF-2.1MB)
    by Ragu Kumar, India and Giovanni Repici, Italy
  • "Building an ICT Infrastructure in a hilly landscape: How the challenge can be met? The Case of the National University of Rwanda" (PDF-436KB)
    by Nkurikiyimfura K. Didier, Rwanda
  • "Zambia Electronic Perinatal Record System (ZEPRS)" (PDF-580KB and additional PDF-260KB)
    by Pablo Destefanis, Argentina
  • "Networking at the University of Khartoum" (PDF-668KB)
    by Hessian Salma Ahmed, Sudan
  • "Activity Measurements in Ant Colonies. The wireless perspective." (PDF-2.3MB)
    by Claro Noda, Cuba
  • "Research experience with special types of Wireless Networks (MANeT & Sensor Networks)" (PDF-1.8MB)
    by O.P. Vyas, India
18:00—18:30Quiz for the Competition (PDF-148KB)

Friday, 24 Feb. 2006: Closing

9:00—10:00Review of the Lab Reports and Measurements of Cantenna performances
10:20—11:00Closing of the Competition
11:00—12:30Free time for clearance and administrative matters
12:30—14:00lunch break
14:00—16:00Presentations of Case studies:
  • "A wireless solution in North of Argentina: Tafi del Valle's Project" (PDF-3.2MB)
    by Joaquin Lopez, Argentina
  • "Fighting the digital divide: Polytechnic of Milan experience"
    by Stefano Scotti, Italy
  • "Collaboration between I2IT and ICTP"
    by Ravindra P.Joshi, India
  • "The activities of Inveneo in Developing Countries" (PDF-888KB)
    by Stephen Okay, USA
  • "Wireless Networking in Latin America: 15 years of experience" (PDF-3MB)
    by Ermanno Pietrosemoli, Venezuela (presented by C.Fonda)
16:30—17:00Final discussion and review
17:00—17:30Closing Ceremony and Certificates