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Welcome to the Wiki for the Advanced Training on the Use of Wireless for Campus Networking:

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*how can we look at the benefits when a project is carried out in phases - precious

*A project that is completed but not commissioned how is the loss calculated - precious

*Evaluation of a project in which the full details is not ready - precious

please insert here your problems/ comments/ questions to be discussed before the end of this activity!!!!

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Posted at Jun 29/2005 06:11PM:
Beatriz Johana Cabrera Lozano PERÚ Hello my friends, I just want to congratulates all the participants for them projects, all the professionals who share them knowledges with us, and to the organizers, I'm following this great trainning and I've learned a lot from all of you, thanks a lot and please answer my future questions, because I'm trying to deploy a wireless network with the soekris netboard 4511.

best regards.

Beatriz Johana Cabrera Lozano Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

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A short Report

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