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Welcome to the 2008 School on New Perspectives in Wireless Networking.

Training activities on digital radio have been carried out by the ARPL group at ICTP since 1996, and some 1500 participants from all the continents have attended. As a result of the training, a series of concrete ICT projects have been initiated, developed and successfully completed in Nigeria, Sudan, Benin, Ghana and Romania.

The School program is focused on innovative solutions in design and implementation of 2.4 GHz low-cost wireless local area networks (WLANs) not only interconnecting computers, but also offering data, audio, and video communications. Much of the school time is thus devoted to hands-on sessions on antenna building, installation, testing and measurements.

We hope that the 2008 School will contribute to advancing scientific development in academic and research institutions in Developing Countries, and it is up to the scientists and professors employed there to make use of information offered and to disseminate it further.

The School Directors,

Prof.Dr.Sandro Maria Radicella
Prof.Dr.Ryszard Struzak

Administrative information can be requested to:
Mrs. Koutou Mabilo (Secretariat):