11th February - 1st March 2002 , Trieste (Italy)  









School Pictures Archive


11 February 2002 - First day of the School:
The Opening Ceremony


The first afternoon lectures: Luther and Struzak


More afternoon lectures: Grassberger (and Fonda... that was busy taking the pictures, so you cannot see him :)


 12 February 2002 - Second day of the School:
The morning lectures: Ratkaj


Practical session in the lab in the afternoon (Today is the last day of Carnival!)


13 February 2002 - Third day of the School:
Morning lecture: Yanowsky about Internet Protocol, then Luther about radio


At the end of this heavy day, Fonda about Networking ( the Lab, a Linux Installation will also follow)


14 February 2002 - St. Valentine's Day :)
Fonda in love with Unix is explaining the Basic Commands in the lab...


18 February 2002 - The second week started:
Morning lecture: prof. Pietrosemoli on Telecommunications Technologies


19 February 2002 - Laboratory practice on Spectrum Analyzer, by Trivigno


20 February 2002 - Morning lectures of Cesky about Multimedia and Digital Bradcasting


Afternoon lectures of Walcher and Cerdeira, from TELIT


21th February 2002 - Morning lectures of Fitton on Digital Modulation and Mobile Personal Communications


21th February 2002 - Morning lectures of Pietrosemoli on 802.11 Wireless Protocol Implementations


26th February 2002 - Morning Practical Exercises: working on the roof with parabolic antennas...


27th February 2002 - Morning lectures of Canessa on Virtual Laboratory concept



After Canessa, more lectures of Pietrosemoli on New Wireless Technologies


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