Our Mission

Provide reliable and sustainable wireless solutions to help foster science and research in Developing Countries. Organize training activities on state-of-the-art wireless technologies. Setup collaborations with academic partners and with international organizations.
Recently the team of T/ICT4D Laboratory has focussed on:

  • Deploying Wireless Networks to connect academic institutions in Developing Countries.
  • Disseminate knowledge using the "Wireless Networking in the Developing World" book. This freely downloadable book is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. The goal of the book is to help everyone get the resources they need to build wireless networks that solve real communication problems.
  • Training scientists on the use of Wireless Sensor Networks to monitor radiations .


Most of our activities are organized in collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunication Development Bureau (ITU-BDT). The ITU-BDT was established to help spread equitable, sustainable and affordable access to information and communication technologies (ICT) as a means of stimulating broader social and economic development.
We have been collaborating with EsLaRed (Fundacion Escuela Latinoamericana de Redes) to organize training activities in Latin America since 1992.

We have signed agreements to organize common activities and to collaborate in the field of wireless research with the I2IT , International Institute of Information Technology in Pune, India, with NIT , the National Institute of Telecommunications of Poland, with the University of Cape Town , South Africa and with the Network Resource Startup Center , USA.

Our Team

  • Sandro Maria Radicella

    Prof.Sandro Maria Radicella



    +39 040 2240 331

  • Marco Zennaro

    Dr.Marco Zennaro

    Research Officer

  • Carlo Fonda

    Carlo Fonda


  • Ermanno Pietrosemoli

    Prof.Ermanno Pietrosemoli


  • Stanka Tanaskovic

    Stanka Tanaskovic

    Administative Assistant

  • Andres Arcia-Moret

    Dr.Andrés Arcia-Moret

    Visiting Scientist (2013)

  • Antoine Bagula

    Dr.Antoine Bagula

    Senior Associate

  • Bharat Chaudhari

    Dr.Bharat S. Chaudhari

    Simons Associate

  • Dhirendra Sharma

    Dr.Dhirendra Sharma

    Senior Associate

  • Rodrigo Carbajales

    Rodrigo Carbajales

    Visiting Scientist (2014)

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